Advance Queensland innovation initiative

Advance Queensland is a suite of programs designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, drive productivity improvements and help position the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

Funding and support is available to businesses under the following programs:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD Scholarships

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD Scholarships program supports Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander scholars to complete a research PhD degree and lay the foundation for a future research career.

Learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PhD Scholarships.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships assists PhD qualified Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander researchers to undertake original research that will benefit Queensland.

Learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Fellowships.

Advancing Regional Innovation Program

The Advancing Regional Innovation Program encourages innovation across Queensland and supports local economies to create jobs for regional Queenslanders.

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Biofutures Commercialisation Program

The Biofutures Commercialisation Program assists bioindustrial experts to partner with Queensland researchers and businesses, to scale-up and test new or improved technologies and processes at the pilot or demonstration scale.

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Business Development Fund

The Business Development Fund helps to turn ideas into reality with co-investment in Queensland businesses at the forefront of commercialising ground-breaking research or innovations.

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Commercialisation Partnership Program

The Commercialisation Partnership Program places Queensland innovators in Chinese incubators to collaborate with global expertise, access top facilities and accelerate commercial outcomes.

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Community Digital Champions

The Community Digital Champions program provides opportunities for volunteers to share their knowledge, and teach communities about the benefits of going digital in their businesses or day-to-day lives.

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Create Queensland

Create Queensland provides funding, production resources and expert support for creative YouTubers to develop high-quality digital content, and reach new global audiences.

Learn more about Create Queensland.

Engaging Science Grants

The Engaging Science Grants program supports science engagement and communication projects, events and activities that increase the reach and impact of science in Queensland.

Learn more about the Engaging Science Grants.

Founders' Fellowships

Founders' Fellowships supports researchers, scientists and clinicians to develop their innovations into practical commercial outcomes, and to access appropriate support.

Learn more about the Founders' Fellowships.

Growing Queensland's Companies

Growing Queensland's Companies supports ambitious CEOs and executives of Queensland firms with high growth potential to lead their businesses to the next level, improving profitability and performance.

Learn more about Growing Queensland's Companies.

Hot DesQ

The Hot DesQ program provides funding to attract international and interstate entrepreneurial talent to boost Queensland's startup ecosystem, and broaden our global connections.

Learn more about Hot DesQ.

Ignite Ideas

The Ignite Ideas Fund supports startups and small to medium Queensland businesses to commercialise market ready innovative ideas that will help them grow and compete in a global market, and create new jobs.

Learn more about Ignite Ideas.

IndustryTech Fund

The IndustryTech Fund provides financial incentives to larger scale co-funded projects that accelerate the development and deployment of significant and highly collaborative industry based platform technology projects.

Learn more about the IndustryTech Fund.

Industry Accelerator Program

The Industry Accelerator Program offers funding to help small and medium-sized enterprises and potential startups fast track ideas from concept to commercialisation, positioning participants to successfully market their products and services to customers.

Learn more about the Industry Accelerator Program.

Industry Attraction Fund

The Industry Attraction Fund has been designed to attract businesses to Queensland, to either relocate or establish new projects in the state. The fund supports jobs creation, regional growth, increased innovation, and the building of local supply chains.

Learn more about the Industry Attraction Fund.

Industry Research Fellowships

The Industry Research Fellowships support PhD qualified researchers to undertake original research that will benefit Queensland.

Learn more about Industry Research Fellowships.

Innovate Queensland

Innovate Queensland helps small to medium enterprises grow through workshops and webinars on innovation, technology commercialisation, innovation planning and research, and design.

Learn more about Innovate Queensland.

Innovation Partnerships

Innovation Partnerships positions Queensland as a global innovation hub by providing grants for Queensland research organisations to collaborate with industry on research projects.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships program builds collaboration between universities and small businesses by funding the employment of a university graduate to work on an innovative project.

Learn more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The world's top university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), runs an annual week-long intensive bootcamp for budding entrepreneurs in Brisbane.

Learn more about the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

Myriad Festival

Myriad is Queensland's annual innovation and investment summit. The Brisbane festival features a world class line-up of speakers, entertainment, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers, and innovators.

Learn more about the Myriad Festival.

PhD Scholarship Program

The PhD Scholarship Program assists scholars to complete a research PhD degree and lay the foundation for a future research career.

Learn more about the PhD Scholarships.

Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborative Science Fund (Q-CAS)

Q-CAS encourages research collaborations between scientists in Queensland and the Chinese Academy of Sciences by providing grants over 2 years, to deliver benefits for Queensland and China.

Learn more about the Queensland-Chinese Academy of Sciences Collaborative Science Fund.

Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowships

The Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowship funds a registered Queensland school teacher to visit the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, and gain experience in classroom, community and online strategies for delivering quality design education.

Learn more about the Queensland-Cooper Hewitt Fellowships.

Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowships

The Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowships assist fellows from Queensland's research, education and cultural sectors to visit and complete a project at the Smithsonian Institution.

Learn more about the Queensland-Smithsonian Fellowships.

Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund

The Queensland Startup Events and Activities funds events and activities to help build entrepreneurial and startup capability within Queensland's startup community.

Learn more about the Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund.

Regional Angel Investors Support Program

The Regional Angel Investors Support Program links investors with entrepreneurs to create new economic opportunities and jobs in Queensland.

Learn more about the Regional Angel Investors Support Program.

Small Business Innovation Research

Provides commercial opportunities to innovators while solving Queensland Government challenges.

Learn more about Small Business Innovation Research.

Sport Science Challenge

The Sports Science Challenge provides funding to support the development of new products, technology or processes that benefit sporting performance or participation in sport.

Learn more about the Sport Science Challenge.


The STEM.I.AM program provides funding to increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) at university, through targeted engagement activities for young people.

Learn more about STEM.I.AM.

Testing Within Government (TWiG)

The TWiG program supports Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve the positioning of their ICT products to address business problems, while collaborating with Queensland Government.

Learn more about Testing Within Government.

The Precinct

The Precinct, located in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, brings together Queensland startups, incubators, investors and mentors under 1 roof. Providing facilities and co-working space for innovative thinkers, The Precinct helps connect Queensland startups with each other and into support networks so they can grow and develop.

Learn more about The Precinct.

Women in STEM prize

The Women in STEM competition showcases inspiring women working in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) careers, whose practice aligns with Queensland’s Science and Research Priorities, and has the potential to benefit Queensland.

Learn more about the Women in STEM prize.

Women's Research Assistance Program (WRAP)

The WRAP program supports female scientists within Queensland-based research organisations to maintain their research when they are on maternity or adoption leave.

Learn more about the Women's Research Assistance Program.

World Science Festival

Attend the World Science Festival to be informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepare to engage with its ramifications for the future.

Learn more about the World Science Festival.

Young Starters' Competition

If you're a young Queenslander aged 15 to 24 and have a great entrepreneurial idea, you could win prizes to help you develop your startup idea.

Learn more about the Young Starters Competition.

Young Starters' Fund

The Young Starters' Fund provides funding for eligible organisations to deliver events and activities that build entrepreneurial and startup skills in young Queenslanders. It seeks to build, attract and retain young entrepreneurial talent.

Learn more about the Young Starters' Competition.


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