Advance Queensland innovation initiative

Advance Queensland is a suite of programs designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, drive productivity improvements and help position the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

Funding and support is available to businesses under the following programs:

  • Small Business Innovation Research Pilot Program
  • Testing Within Government Program
  • Business Development Fund
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
  • PhD Industry Experience Program
  • Create Queensland Program
  • Innovation Quick Fire Challenge
  • Innovation Partnerships
  • Young Starters Program
  • Ignite Ideas Fund
  • Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund
  • HotDesQ
  • Innovator/Inventor Consultation Service.

Small Business Innovation Research Pilot Program

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Pilot Program will help innovators secure government contracts to develop and test cutting edge products and technologies to solve government challenges.

Successful applicants will work directly with a Queensland Government agency to validate, develop and test their ideas and, importantly, will be funded through the crucial feasibility and proof of concept stages.

The SBIR pilot program is a new way for the Queensland Government to do business.

The program is based on similar models in the United States and the United Kingdom, which have proven to be very successful.

Learn more about the SBIR pilot program.

Testing Within Government Program

The Testing Within Government (TWiG) Program will help Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to improve the positioning of their products for government and large enterprise markets by working collaboratively with the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) on a range of identified business problems for the Department.

A short 12 week program for SMEs to work in partnership with DSITI, the TWiG program is designed to:

  • accelerate the growth and capability of Queensland SMEs and provide valuable experience in how to deliver products to government and large enterprises
  • encourage better partnerships between DSITI and SMEs for more innovative problem solving.

Successful applicants will be provided funding of $25,000 for the short 12 week engagement with DSITI to assist with their participation in the program.

Learn more about the Testing Within Government Program.

Business Development Fund

Queensland businesses have an opportunity to access $40 million of investment funding to help them bring innovative ideas to market.

The Queensland Government will co-invest between $125,000 and $2.5 million (up to the level of funding provided by a private sector co-investor) to help businesses successfully commercialise their ideas and innovations.

The Business Development Fund can be accessed for seed funding, early stage commercialisation funding or additional investment for commercialisation where ideas have a realistic prospect of commercial success.

Learn more about the Business Development Fund.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Grants of up to $50,000 are available for small and medium sized businesses (up to 200 employees) to bring on a recent graduate to assist with an innovative project that contributes to a significant outcome – such as a competitive advantage or improved productivity or profitability.

This funding will subsidise up to two-thirds of the eligible costs of employing a graduate from partnering universities, while the business will contribute one-third.

Learn more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

PhD Industry Experience Program

The program is intended to encourage and strengthen research relationships between Queensland businesses and universities.

Placements can be used to contribute fresh ideas to innovation projects, add expertise to innovation teams and solve problems in innovation projects.

Learn more about the PhD Industry Experience Program.

Create Queensland Program

The Create Queensland Program is a joint collaboration between the Queensland Government and YouTube to stimulate the current and next generation of Queensland's creative entrepreneurs.

Griffith University and QUT are key partners in the delivery of the program, providing creative entrepreneurs and digital creators with funding, production resources, equipment and expert support. This will enhance their ability to develop high-quality digital content and reach new global audiences via YouTube.

The program will also serve as a collaborative platform where Queensland YouTubers, digital producers, content creators and industry experts can connect, learn from and inspire each other, and have the opportunity to become better connected with a community of top creators from around the world.

Learn more about the Create Queensland program.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Quick Fire Challenge

The Advance Queensland Johnson & Johnson Quick Fire Challenge is an opportunity to drive innovative health research and development in Queensland.

The challenge will award a top prize of AUD$100,000 for up to 3 winners with innovative ideas in the following sectors:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • consumer healthcare.

The challenge is open to any individual, academic, entrepreneur or company from around the world that has a novel and disruptive human healthcare innovation in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and consumer healthcare space.

All applicants must be willing to do the research and development of the innovation within Queensland.

Learn more about the Innovation Quick Fire Challenge.

Innovation Partnerships

The Advance Queensland Innovation Partnerships program supports end-users (industry, small to medium size enterprises, public sector and non-government organisations) to undertake collaborative research projects with research organisations that address an industry or end-user issue, within the parameters of the Queensland Science and Research Priorities (PDF, 671KB).

Investment in these targeted areas of science and research will build a foundation for Queensland to develop as a global innovation hub and gateway into Asia-Pacific markets and beyond.

Learn more about Innovation Partnerships.

Young Starters Program

The Advance Queensland Young Starters Program aims to help young Queenslanders to develop and pitch their great ideas to the world.

There are 2 components to this program:

  • The Young Starters Fund is now open and will provide funding up to $20,000 to eligible organisations to deliver events and activities that build entrepreneurial and technology startup skills in young Queenslanders aged 15-24.
  • The annual Young Starters Competition (to be opened in 2016) will see young entrepreneurs pitching their ideas at a regional, and then state, level to win prizes including a place in an accelerator program.

Learn more about the Young Starters Program.

Ignite Ideas Fund

Grants of up to $250,000 are available to help businesses prove their idea will work or to assist with identifying a market or investor for your product or service.

The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund has been co-designed with industry to give targeted support to emerging industries, startups and small businesses.

The Fund will assist in accelerating the commercialisation of innovative Queensland ideas into market-ready products and services.

Learn more about the Ignite Ideas program.

Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund

The $300,000 Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund (formerly known as the Startup Queensland fund) aims to build capability within Queensland's startup community. A 'startup' is defined as a new high-growth potential business, developing innovative products and services with a globally scalable market.

You can apply for funding up to 50% of your total eligible activity costs, up to a maximum of $25,000 (excluding GST) per activity.

Learn more about the Queensland Startup Events and Activities Fund.

Hot DesQ

The Hot DesQ program aims to attract international and interstate entrepreneurial talent to Queensland to broaden our global connections and boost our innovation ecosystem.

International and interstate entrepreneurs can apply for up to $100,000 in funding to relocate their ideas and business ventures to Queensland.

Successful applicants will be based in existing innovation hubs across Queensland with local startups in these locations having unrivalled opportunities to these cutting-edge entrepreneurs.

Learn more about the Hot DesQ program.

Innovator/Inventor Consultation Service

A free, confidential advisory service for Queensland innovators / inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses needing advice, information, connections or direction.

The Consultation Service provides targeted support for new-to-market innovations (domestic or export).

Learn more about the Innovators/Inventors Consultation Service.

Other Advance Queensland programs

Funding and support is also available under these programs: