Science industry associations

You can get connected with other businesses in the science industry by contacting your industry association. They often arrange events, seminars and networking opportunities where you may be able to find suppliers, make contacts, and generate new business.

Industry organisations often run training and education programs, as well as providing you with information about your industry (i.e. how legislation changes will affect you). Importantly, they may also lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy.

Contact your industry association to find out how they can help you to run your business.

Advanced manufacturing

  • Queensland Manufacturing Institute supports the Queensland manufacturing community of small, medium and large sized manufacturing businesses. The institute creates alignment between communities, government, and industry and deliver programs across all regional and urban areas.


  • Life Sciences Queensland (LSQ)
    LSQ is an industry-led organisation, working closely with government, to provide leadership, promotion and growth opportunities for life sciences firms and organisations in Queensland.
  • AusBiotech
    AusBiotech is Australia's biotechnology organisation, representing over 3000 members in the human health, agricultural, medical device, bioinformatics, environmental and industrial sectors in biotechnology.
  • Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA)
    MTAA, including Women in Medtech, is the national association representing companies in the medical technology industry. MTAA aims to ensure the benefits of modern, innovative and reliable medical technology are delivered effectively to provide better health outcomes to the Australian community.

Complementary healthcare

  • Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA)
    CMA is committed to a vital and sustainable complementary healthcare products industry. CMA believes in a holistic healthcare model based on promoting long-term wellness of the community.


Environmental management

Food science

  • Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST)
    AIFST is a national, not-for-profit industry body representing individuals from all sectors of the food science and technology industry. Members receive a range of services to keep up to date with industry news, as well as professional development opportunities.

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