Biodiscovery and business

Biodiscovery is the examination of native biological material, such as plants, animals, fungi, and micro-organisms, for commercial purposes. The native flora and fauna from our reefs, rainforests, savannas and wetlands provide the basis for a world-class biodiscovery industry that is already developing new bio-products such as medicines and natural pesticides.

Before collecting native biological material from State land or Queensland waters, you will need to obtain a biodiscovery collection authority and negotiate a contract (known as a benefit sharing agreement) with the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation. You will also need to seek agreement with traditional knowledge custodians before using traditional knowledge for biodiscovery.

This guide provides an overview of biodiscovery in Queensland. It will help you apply for a biodiscovery collection authority, negotiate a benefit-sharing agreement with the Queensland Government and meet the traditional knowledge obligation.