Supplying disaster relief and recovery services

During a disaster, the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy works with government and non-government organisations to provide a range of supports and services to help people living in affected communities and enable them to recover.

These supports and services may be targeted towards individuals, households, service providers, or at a community level.

Standing Offer Arrangement

During times of disaster, we purchase human and social services from the Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for Disaster Relief and Recovery—Human and Social Services.

We're currently expanding our SOA and need businesses that provide relevant support services to apply.

Successful suppliers can play an important role in helping people in communities to recover from disasters like storms, cyclones, floods, fires, infestations and pandemics.

The Invitation to offer closes on Thursday 11 August 2022 at 2pm AEST, with the new panel of suppliers to be in place ahead of the 2022–23 disaster season.

If you already supply human and social services to the Queensland Government, you'll need to reapply for this new SOA.

To apply or for more information, view the tender documents.

We are particularly encouraging regional, remote and First Nations businesses to apply.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the invitation documentation, including specification questions, closing times and late offers/submission, email