ICT contracting framework

The Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework will be used for any government purchasing of ICT products and services.

Released in August 2017 and co-designed by industry and government, it replaces the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework.

QITC provides a choice of 4 different contract types to reflect the risk and value of the ICT procurement:

  • General contract
  • Comprehensive contract
  • Supplier's terms and conditions
  • Bespoke contract.

Read about QITC to learn more about the framework, the main differences between QITC and GITC, and the work undertaken to co-design the QITC framework.

To simplify ICT procurement in Queensland and to reduce barriers to working with government, accreditation is no longer required for ICT procurement.

Government agencies will continue to carry out due diligence checks during the final stages of procurement selection.

QITC documents

The QITC framework consists of the following:

  • The QITC user guide provides an overview of the 4 different contract types and advice for using the QITC framework.
  • Standardised contract conditions for general and comprehensive contracts.
  • Contract details for general and comprehensive contacts that both parties complete to form a contract.
  • Modules 1–7 address particular transaction types and are for use with comprehensive contracts.
  • Schedules 1–11 are optional documents and templates for use with the comprehensive contracts.
  • Guidelines for using supplier terms and conditions, and additional guidance notes for using the framework.

View all QITC documents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you have GITC accreditation or current GITC contracts, read the following FAQs:

I have GITC accreditation, what do I need to do to contract under the QITC framework?

You do not need to do anything. Your GITC number will remain valid and you will not be required to reference your GITC number when signing QITC contract documents.

Is there a head agreement to sign under the QITC framework and will I get a QITC number?

Under the QITC framework there is no head agreement to sign and there are no QITC numbers.

What happens to existing GITC contracts?

Existing GITC contracts that were current when the QITC framework commenced will remain in place for their duration unless otherwise terminated in accordance with their contract terms.

What happens to standing offer arrangements (SOAs) created under the GITC framework?

GITC SOAs will continue for their duration unless terminated in accordance with their provisions. Customers can continue to purchase under GITC SOAs for their duration and they can be extended until all extensions are exercised.

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