Which water users need a meter?

You may need a water meter depending on the type of authorisation or works you have.

Water supply scheme or channel scheme customers

Scheme operators are required to meter their customers.

The scheme operator will specify metering requirements in the water supply contract. These would usually provide detail about:

  • who owns the meter
  • operation and maintenance of the meter
  • access to the meter
  • what to do if the meter becomes faulty.

Metered entitlement holders

Depending on your location, you may hold a 'metered entitlement'. The areas of Queensland where entitlements are metered are listed in Schedule 11 of the Water Regulation 2016.

If you hold a metered entitlement then you must:

Note that you do not need to install a meter for a metered entitlement if:

  • you do not extract any water against this water authorisation
  • you only extract water for watering stock and/or for household use where a water authorisation is not required.

In some cases, holders of metered entitlements may also extract water supplied by a scheme operator through the same works used for the metered entitlement. In these cases, you are responsible for ensuring:

Contact your local business centre if you are unsure.

Other water users

You may also be required to have a meter installed if:

In these cases, we recommend that you:

You must also supply meter readings when notified to do so.