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Requirements for entitlement holders

When to submit readings

Entitlement holders for unsupplemented water will be required to provide up to 2 readings within a water year for each water meter to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

There may be other instances where you are required to provide a water meter reading, for example:

  • at the sale of the property
  • dealings which involve a tradable water allocation (sale or transfer)
  • other special meter reading events.

Use the meter reading form (PDF, 1.7MB) to provide readings to us in these instances.

The department will notify entitlement holders when their meter readings are due.

Failure to provide a reading

Meter readings submitted to the department support sustainable rural water management.

Water entitlement holders who fail to provide readings may be subject to compliance action if appropriate.

In areas where the trading of unsupplemented water is available, failure to provide a meter reading will also mean that you will not be able to trade any unused water entitlement for the remainder of the water year.

It also means the department may not be able to grant applications under existing water sharing rules including seasonal water assignments, carry over and forward draw in areas where these rules apply.

Why metering is important

Meter readings provide vital data to ensure water security for all water users by providing accurate measurement of water use.

We use data from meter readings to assess applications under existing water sharing rules.

Meter reading enables entitlement holders to self-manage their water use and ensures water security for all water users.

It allows entitlement holders to monitor their water usage patterns and check that their meter and irrigation systems are working correctly.

It also reduces costs for entitlement holders because the department no longer conducts meter readings on their property.

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