Water meter approval and validation

If you are required to have an approved water meter, you must ensure the meter meets the requirements of the Interim water meter standard for non-urban metering (PDF, 5.2MB).

The interim metering standard includes several modules, which you can access below along with the associated forms.

Meter validation

To be considered an approved meter, the meter must be validated by an authorised meter validator. The validator will inspect the meter and if it meets requirements, issue a validation certificate. You can access the validation forms below.

Authorised meter validators are either certified by Irrigation Australia or appointed by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water. Visit Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL) for a list of certified meter installers and validators, or contact your local pump and irrigation service company.

Under development

Requirements for validators and entitlement holders

It is your responsibility as the water entitlement holder to ensure you have a validation certificate. If you don't, your meter could be deemed not to be an approved meter. Taking water through a meter that is not approved is an offence under the Water Act 2000.

Once your meter has been validated, you must give a copy of the validation certificate to the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water within 20 business days of it being issued. Contact your local business centre for more information.

Authorised meter validators should note that they cannot validate a meter where they are also the holder of the metered entitlement or own the works.

Revalidation of water meters

Water meters must be revalidated periodically to ensure they continue to meet the standards. You will be notified when your meter requires revalidation.

Note: You do not need to revalidate your meter if you no longer take water under your metered entitlement.

If you think this applies to you, you must notify us by contacting your local business centre or by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68).