Regional water supply security assessments

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water works with councils and water service providers to better understand the ability of current water supply systems to supply water for future growth in regional urban areas.

Population growth as well as challenges from droughts and ageing infrastructure highlight the ongoing importance of water security planning. Some local governments have requested our assistance with water supply security planning.

Regional water supply security assessment program (RWSSA)

The RWSSA program is a partnership, providing a shared understanding of the potential water supply security risks for prioritised communities.

Each assessment provides an overview of the capability of the existing water sources during different rainfall events for projected population growth and water demands. Hydrologic modelling is used to assess the performance of the bulk water supply in meeting forecast demands.

Local governments and water service providers remain responsible for deciding what should be done and implementing actions to provide an appropriate level of water security for their communities.

Current regional water supply security assessments

The map below shows current completed assessments and assessments in progress.

RWSSAs completed and in progress

Under way Completed

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