Managing water demand

To ensure the best use of water, service providers have an important role to play in raising community awareness about the need to use water wisely. Using water more efficiently reduces water demand and extends the time until a water shortage might occur.

Service providers can manage water demand in several ways, including:

  • water restrictions and permanent water conservation measures
  • managing assets to minimise system leakage
  • having systems in place to minimise theft or other unauthorised water losses
  • rebate programs or 'device swap' initiatives to support the uptake of water efficient appliances
  • promoting ways to be water efficient to businesses and the community, including with the provision of educational materials promoting waterwise behaviours
  • requiring water efficiency management plans for particular water users.

You can find more information about the use of demand management initiatives, such as water restrictions and rebate programs, in Drought management plans and water restrictions: guideline for development (PDF, 2.1MB).

Waterwise messaging

Local governments and service providers can operate tours of their water and wastewater treatment plants to educate their community about their water supply.

You can access Waterwise education activities and other resources for more ideas.

Water efficiency management plans

A water efficiency management plan (WEMP) can help businesses and industry customers understand their water consumption and find and implement measures to improve water efficiency. Customers can be directed to prepare a WEMP by a water service provider (including a council), or by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water. This can result in high water users reducing their urban water demands.

The following resources are available to help prepare a WEMP:

System leakage, water efficiency, and drought management plans can be developed to reduce the impacts of, and prepare for, drought or low water availability.

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