Water supply responsibility

Queensland's water supply systems (including dams, weirs, desalination plants, and other water treatment plants and infrastructure) are owned and managed by:

  • government owned corporations
  • private entities (e.g. mining companies)
  • local councils (for the majority of Queensland's urban communities, especially outside South East Queensland).

South East Queensland (SEQ)

In SEQ, Seqwater owns the bulk water supply infrastructure (i.e. dams and weirs) and is responsible for long-term water supply planning for the region.

Water utilities and councils provide water to homes and businesses.

Outside South East Queensland

Outside South East Queensland, SunWater owns most of the bulk water infrastructure.

Western Queensland communities

Many western Queensland communities access groundwater from the Great Artesian Basin.

Water supply and sewerage planning guidelines

Service providers can use water supply and sewerage planning guidelines for the integrated system planning and design of urban water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

Read the Planning guidelines for water supply and sewerage (PDF, 1.5MB).

The guidelines, which provide a consistent framework and benchmarks, are not mandatory and are provided as guidance material only. Included are rules, benefits, risks, key elements and checklists.


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