Expressions of interest for unallocated water from the Western Great Artesian Basin

Expressions of interest are now closed.

Thanks to those who expressed interest in the release of unallocated Great Artesian Basin groundwater from parts of the Eromanga and Adori Injune aquifer units underlying Western Queensland.

Note: Submitting an expression of interest does not automatically make you eligible for grant of a water entitlement. Registered submitters will be advised when a future competitive tender process opens.


Your responses have helped us to better understand the demand for these scarce water resources. Much of this demand is located in areas where existing businesses are seeking to adapt to reduced water availability and new businesses are seeking to enhance the agricultural sector.

Activity Number of submissions received
Fodder, drought mitigation, stock intensive 44
Mining 1
Industrial 1
High value horticulture 5
Other 2

How much water is available to access?

As the water accessibility and quality of these aquifers is variable at individual sites, it is important for those who are interested in accessing water to explore the geology of their site.

You can explore which geological units may be available by taking into consideration the results of recent drilling  and the historically productive water bores in your local area.

The department has prepared maps that show boundaries (PDF, 6.8MB) which protect access for existing water users and the environment. These maps allow you to better understand how much water you may be able to access through a future tender process.

To use these maps:

  1. Locate the vicinity to the site where you'd like to take water.
  2. Check the groundwater sub-area map to see if your site is in the green or black shaded area:
    • Locations within the shaded area may be able to access up to 50mL of water.
    • Locations outside the shaded area will likely be able to access up to 50mL of water and more.

The water plan has reserved the following volumes which may be made available at individual sites subject to assessment through a future tender process expected to start in late November 2021.

Groundwater sub-areaVolume
  • Eromanga Cadna-owie
  • Eromanga East Hooray
  • Eromanga North Hooray
  • Eromanga South Hooray
  • Eromanga West Hooray
  • Adori Injune Creek
  • Eromanga Hutton

Contact us

To discuss these water resources with the department, phone 13QGOV (13 74 68) or email