Completed water release processes

This table shows key data about release processes that have been completed. In some areas only parts of the plan area have had unallocated general reserve water released.

Volume available for release refers to the amount of volume released during the process. For whole-of-catchment releases, such as Whitsunday, this figure represents the total amount of unallocated water available for release as stated in the relevant plan. For releases in sub-catchment areas this figure only represents the total available in those sub-catchment areas, as stated in the relevant water plan.

Volume granted refers to the amount of water granted during the release. This can be less than the volume available if there was insufficient interest or if applicants were unable to meet the criteria for purchase of the water.

For more information, view reports on the outcomes of the water release processes.

Plan area Release date Water type Volume available for release (ML) Volume granted (ML)
Fitzroy Basin 01/09/2022 Surface water (Strategic infrastructure reserve) 90,000 69,3605
Fitzroy Basin 28/03/2019 Surface water (Strategic infrastructure reserve) 90,000 69,3605
Wet Tropics 09/02/2018 Groundwater 1,2004 950
Fitzroy Basin 02/12/2016 Groundwater and surface water 50,250 26,030
Whitsunday 18/12/2015 Groundwater and surface water 28,500 1,700
Gulf 06/11/2015 Surface water and overland flow 264,550 100,000
Great Artesian Basin 13/10/2015 Groundwater 18,200 1,7801
Whitsunday 18/06/2014 Groundwater and surface water 28,500 0
Great Artesian Basin 30/05/2013 Groundwater 7,2002 785
Baffle Creek 21/06/2013 Surface water 11,600 6333
Gulf 24/07/2012 Surface water 95,000 94,200

1Release occurred in 27 of the 32 management areas.
2Release occurred in the Surat, Surat East and Surat North management areas.
333ML was granted during the tender process with a further 600ML granted following the completion of the tender process.
4Release occurred in Zone 1D of the Mulgrave-Russell groundwater management area.
5Temporary release for a 3- year maximum period. Water returns to State on expiry of water licences.