Monitoring data from Great Artesian Basin water and ecosystems

You can access Great Artesian Basin (GAB) groundwater and spring monitoring data collected by the Queensland Government.

We use water pressure data to monitor the overall health of the basin and to inform water management plans.

Groundwater monitoring

Water pressure changes are monitored through a network of government-owned and privately-owned bores. Data is also collected from mine and coal seam gas monitoring bores.

You can access groundwater data using Queensland Globe or the water monitoring information portal.

Data includes bore location, water levels, construction details, strata log and water quality information.

Spring monitoring

Visit the Queensland spring database for extensive data on the health of basin springs collected by the Queensland Herbarium.

Read the water management protocol for spring protection criteria.

You may be able to contribute to spring monitoring in the GAB by submitting photographic records of selected springs.

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