Glossary for resource authority public reports

Resource authority public reports provide:

  • a snapshot of the resource authority
  • details any information that is publicly available.

Sections of a public report could be blank or state no available data. This could be due to confidential provisions in place for the authority holder or data may not be required for the specific resource authority type.

Terms used in public reports

This glossary can help you understand the terms used in the report.

Permit ID
Resource authority type and number.

Classification of the resource authority.

Status of the resource authority.

Lodged date
Date application lodged with the department.

Grant date
Date resource authority was grant by the Governor in Council or Minister, as legislation provides.

Commencement date
Date resource authority started after grant.

Current term
The period of years the resource authority is currently granted for.

Certificate of application
Date application was accepted by the department.

Expiry date
Date resource authority expires.

Plan/program expiry date
Date current plan or program expires.

Termination reason
Reason why resource authority was terminated.

Termination remarks
Reason why resource authority was terminated.

Timeframe resource authority is granted for.

Term sought
Requested timeframe resource authority applied for.

Mining notice issued
Date mining notice was issued, related to Mining Leases only.

Work program type
Activity or outcome based.

Special conditions which apply to the resource authority.

General description of the resource authority location in Queensland.

Remarks relating to the resource authority (e.g. name given to the project, if any).

Act permit granted under
Name of relevant legislation used to grant the resource authority.

Act now administered under
Name of current legislation resource authority is being administered by.

Authorised holder representative (AHR)
Authorised person to act on behalf of and to liaise with department on all resource authority transactions.

Former authorised holder representative (AHR)
Previous AHR related to the resource authority. Displays only for non-current resource authorities.

Authorised holder
Principal holder authorised to liaise with department on all resource authority transactions.

Holder name
Details the full name of the current or previous resource authority holder.

Share %
Specifies the percentage held by each holder.

Identifies if the holder is current holder or former holder of the resource authority.

Held from
First date the holder owned the resources authority.

Held to
Last date the holder owned the resource authority. If the holder still owns the authority the held to date will be blank and with the status showing as current.

Tenancy type
Lists if the resource authority is held by a sole holder, tenancy in common or joint tenants. Sole holders own 100% of the authority, tenancy in common holders can hold different share amounts and for joint tenants each party holds equal interest.

Link to the GeoResGlobe where resource authority location can be viewed.

Mining district
Name of the designated mining district resource authority is located within.

Local authority
Name or names of local government area (LGA) resource authority area is located within.

Area size
Resource authority area size.

Lists any area or land excluded from the resource authority.

Marked out date
Date resource area was marked out.

Sub-blocks are identified by BIM name, block number and letter.

Block Identification Map (BIM) name is a map reference.

Block number
A block is an area defined by 5 minutes of Longitude and 5 minutes of Latitude. Each block is given a separate number. The numbers run in sequence over the specific map reference area.

The letters of the alphabet, (a–z excluding the letter 'i'). 25 sub-bocks form a block.

Land identifier details
Land parcel details in the resource authority.

Land usage
Identifies what the land parcel is being used for (e.g. Resource authority).

Compensation required
Identifies if a compensation agreement is required.

Date compensation agreement was finalised.

Plan number
Unique identifying number of a survey plan.

Description title of the plan.

Date received
Date the plan was received by relevant department.

Name of location of survey.

Number that identified what volume folder the hard copy of an Instrument of Lease could be located. This field is no longer used on recent resource authorities.

Number that identified what folio a hard copy of an Instrument of Lease related to. This field is no longer used on recent resource authorities.

Relinquishment details
Information regarding relinquishment.

Last relinquishment date
Date there was a reduction of the sub-blocks held.

Current sub-blocks held
Number of (area) subblocks resource authority currently holds.

Relinquishment due date
Date displayed in day/month/year a reduction was required for the resource authority area.

End of year
The year number based on the resource authority term.

Sub-blocks to be relinquished
Number of subblocks due to be relinquished.

Years listed by number of granted term.

Period start date
Date displayed by day/month/year the relevant relinquishment period starts.

Period end date
Date displayed by day/month/year the relevant relinquishment period ends.

Sub-blocks to be retained
Number of sub-blocks the resource authority retained.

Granted period dates in years.

Date notice issued
Date renewal notice was issued.

Date lodged
Date the term application/renewal was lodged.

Date approved
Date term was approved.

Date commenced
First date of the term.

Date term ends
Expiry date of the approved term.

Approved term in years.

Act granted under
Name of legislation used to grant the resource authority for the term.

Lists the type of outcome (e.g. Granted with Native Title Protection conditions).

The type of Native Title process undertaken to grant the resource authority.

Name of parties involved in Native Title application.

Prescribed minerals
Minerals the resource authority holder is looking for.

Minerals the resource authority holder is looking for.

Reason for resource authority being granted e.g. transport or stock pile.

Previous permit number
Former number allocated to resource authority for identification.

Pre-requisite permits
Former resource authority held and used to grant current authority.

Rent details
Contain the area unit and rate for the area unit.

Area units
Area unit relates to the resource authority. Unit which is used to determine rent fees by the department.

Rate/unit area
Rate at which rental on resource authority is charged at.

Activity name
Name or description of the activity on the resource authority.

Activity/Dealing No
Reference number associated with the activity.

Status of the activity (e.g. Register or closed).

Date received
Date the activity was received and accepted by the department.

Expected completion
Expected date of completion for activity by the department.

Date completed
Actual date the activity was completed by the department.

Any comments relating to the activity that need to be recorded on the register.