Tick Hill gold deposit study

The Geological Survey of Queensland contracted James Cook University's Economic Geology Research Centre to conduct a study of the Tick Hill gold deposit, located 110km south-east of Mount Isa.

This project aims to:

  • investigate and document the geological and geochemical features of the deposit, including understanding the structural evolution, magmatic history, alteration style and mineralisation
  • classify the deposit
  • identify the factors controlling the location of the deposits such as structural architecture, controls of host rocks and intrusions
  • discover mineralogical, textural and geochemical zoning patterns that could be used as vectors to ore.

Data and reports

The Tick Hill gold deposit study is expected to be available from December 2020.

Industry benefits

There has been minimal research done on the Tick Hill deposit and little information is available to the public.

This new study will provide access to a geological model developed for use in exploration targeting.

About the study

The study commenced in November 2017 and is being undertaken by PhD student Mr Truong Le under the supervision of Prof. Paul Dirks, Dr Ioan Sanislav and Dr Jan-Marten Huizenga.

Tick Hill represents a high-grade gold mineralisation style that appears to be unique in the Mount Isa Block. The deposit has characteristics similar to shear zone-hosted lode gold deposits ('orogenic' gold), which indicates a mineralisation style in the region that has not yet been a major target for explorers.

The deposit was mined in open pit and from underground workings between 1991 and 1995 by Carpentaria Gold and produced approximately 513,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 22.5g/t.

Because the deposit was mined over such a short period of time, there was little independent research done on Tick Hill, and the information available in the public domain and literature is minimal. This study will provide valuable research of the geological characteristics, genesis and ore controlling factors of the deposit.

Tick Hill sample with visible gold

Tick Hill sample with visible gold provided courtesy of Truong Le, JCU PhD student

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