Camooweal seismic survey

The Camooweal 2D seismic survey was conducted in 2019 by the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ). This survey was funded by the Queensland Government's Strategic Resources Exploration Program.

The survey's primary aim was to improve understanding of basin architecture underlying the Camooweal area – the Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson Basin and Georgina Basin – and to provide data in an area with limited exploration.

Data and reports

The Camooweal 2D 2019 seismic survey data was released in February 2020.

Field data indicates a previously unknown sub-basin to the south-east of Camooweal and 2 strong reflector packages, which potentially represent the Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Siltstone formations of the Isa Superbasin. These formations are known to be gas-saturated on the Lawn Hill Platform, north of Camooweal.

Industry benefits

The Camooweal seismic survey provides better coverage and quality of fundamental geophysical data over the southern Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson Basin and Georgina Basin.

The seismic survey will help improve the understanding of basins and basement structures and also the energy, mineral and groundwater potential of North West Queensland.

The new reflection seismic data and derivative information reduces risk for exploration companies in this under-explored area, giving them confidence to invest in exploration activities.

About the survey

The total length of acquisition was 300 line kilometres spread over 3 lines:

  • 19Q-C1 (65.8km)
  • 19Q-C2 (173.6km)
  • 19Q-C3 (60.9km).

Data was collected to 20 seconds, two way time (TWT).

The Camooweal seismic survey extends Geoscience Australia's 2017 South Nicholson seismic survey south into a little explored region of North West Queensland.

The survey ties into the 1994 Mount Isa seismic survey, and is close to the western end of the 2006 Mount Isa seismic survey.

The recently acquired Barkly seismic survey conducted by the Northern Territory Geological Survey and Geoscience Australia will also tie in to the Camooweal regional seismic survey.

Heavy vehicles being used to acquire data during the Camooweal seismic survey

Acquiring data during the Camooweal seismic survey

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