Geochemistry tool kit

The Geochemistry tool kit was completed in 2018 and funded under the Queensland Government's Strategic Resources Exploration Program.

The tool kit reviews a range of techniques to enhance geochemical exploration practice and encourage exploration in north-west Queensland.Cover of the Geochemistry tool kit

Data and reports

You can download the Geochemistry tool kit from the GSQ open data portal.

Industry benefits

The tool kit supports successful ore discovery by guiding explorers in the appropriate application of geochemical techniques in the different exploration settings or domains.

About the tool kit

The Geochemistry tool kit is structured on the basis of 4 exploration settings corresponding to differences in type and thickness of transported or 'post-mineral' cover.

The tool kit is divided into 8 chapters relevant to different exploration settings.

Sampling methods and analytical techniques are not exclusive to a domain and can be applied to different settings if appropriate (e.g. bedrock domain techniques can be applied to drill cores from covered domain).

Exploration settingChapterContents
Outcrop/bedrock domain (>1m cover) Chapter 1: Conventional geochemistry Soil, rock chip, stream sediment, portable XRF
Chapter 2: Gossan and ironstones Discriminating gossans, geochemical filters
Chapter 3: Pb-Pb isotope method for base metal exploration Pb-system, Cu-Au system, relevance of Pb isotopes in pre-discovery exploration
Chapter 4: Stable isotopes carbonate O and C, sulphide S Carbonate isotopic technique, application in eastern and western fold belt, bedrock drill holes
Thin unconsolidated cover (1-25m) Chapter 5: Covered domain - Transport mechanisms, sample media and analytical methods Selective leaching, soil-gas, biogeochemistry, quality assurance
Thick, unconsolidated cover (25-100+ m) Chapter 6: Covered domain - Secondary dispersions of blind ore deposits Surface and subsurface geochemistry, RAB, air-core, case study: Ernest Henry, Osborne, Eloise, E1, Cannington
Consolidated ‘post mineral’ cover Chapter 7: Covered domain – Exploration campaigns Examples of geochemical programs in the south-east, north-east and north-west of Mount Isa
Chapter 8: Groundwater chemistry Ernest Henry, Tertiary, Mesozoic

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