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Petroleum geoscience and wireline log data

Data on the petroleum potential of Queensland is collated from petroleum and coal seam gas well completion reports and stratigraphic drilling reports. This data is collated into MERLIN (our corporate database) and extracts are provided as the Queensland Petroleum Exploration Database (QPED).

Open file seismic survey, well completion and other petroleum exploration reports can be accessed through QDEX Reports.

Queensland Petroleum Exploration Database

The Queensland Petroleum Exploration Database (QPED) contains subsurface geological information on Queensland's sedimentary basins. Data is derived from petroleum and coal seam gas wells completion reports and stratigraphic boreholes. This includes the open file data relating to over 12,000 wells and boreholes throughout Queensland.

Open file data is supplied digitally as 32 Microsoft Excel and CSV files which can be linked using the unique bore number. These files include:

  • analyses carried out
  • basin or structural province intersected
  • biostratigraphic data
  • casing details
  • coal petrology data
  • company report references company stratigraphic picks (relative to KB)
  • cored intervals
  • cuttings samples
  • downhole and bottom hole temperatures data
  • drill stem test details
  • extract geochemistry data
  • gas analysis data
  • geographic and MGA coordinates (GDA94 datum)
  • GSQ stratigraphic picks (relative to KB)
  • hole deviation data
  • hydrocarbon indications
  • laboratory names
  • oil analysis data
  • operator names
  • petrophysical data (e.g. porosity and permeability)
  • plugged intervals
  • proximate analysis data
  • pyrolysis data
  • rock unit ages
  • sidewall cores samples
  • vitrinite reflectance data
  • water analysis data
  • well history details
  • wireline logged intervals
  • other references (e.g. papers and records).

Seismic survey information and data

Seismic survey data for Queensland, including processed and support data, can be downloaded from QDEX Data. Seismic data is available in online and offline modes, allowing for the data to be downloaded directly from QDEX Data or ordered from Geological Survey of Queensland.

Queensland seismic survey reports can be downloaded from QDEX Reports.

The location of 2D and 3D seismic surveys in Queensland can be downloaded from QSpatial.

Wireline log data

Open file wireline log data is available for download as part of well completion reports from QDEX Reports.

Some wells have datasets which are too large to download from QDEX Reports. When these datasets become open file, they will be available to download from QDEX Data.

Wireline logs are distributed as submitted and include LAS, DLIS and LIS formats, as well as PDF and TIFF prints of logs. A collation of LAS files for wells open file prior to June 2013 is also available for download from QDEX Data.

Well data can also be downloaded from QSpatial. This is the final update of the Petroleum geoscience and wireline log data DVD.

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