Mount Isa project

Project date

Commenced: July 2006

Completed: June 2009


The Mount Isa mapping project involved geological remapping of the Mount Isa region. We did this by revising maps produced in the 1970s using various geophysical datasets and other remote sensing datasets, such as Landsat and Aster images, and focused ground truthing.


The objective of the project was to create a seamless surface and solid geology map of the entire Mount Isa region.


We interpreted mapping data in a geographic information systems (GIS) environment and overlaid digital versions of previous maps to highlight discrepancies and identify areas needing field checks. Relevant mapping data from universities, exploration companies, the Bureau of Mineral Resources (now Geoscience Australia) and the pmdCRC project was also incorporated.

To produce the solid geology map, geological boundaries and faults were extrapolated undercover using newly acquired gravity and airborne magnetic data.

To produce the surface geology map, areas of Phanerozoic cover were reinterpreted using Landsat and airborne radiometric data.

We implemented U-Pb zircon dating in conjunction with Geoscience Australia, as part of the National Geoscience Agreement. Dated samples included igneous rocks to constrain the main magmatic events. Detrital zircon dating helped constrain depositional history and enable correlation of sequence stratigraphic packages throughout the region.


You can view the map in the North West Queensland Minerals and Energy Province report and data package.

You can also download updated, print-on-demand, 1:100,000 standard geological map sheets from QDEX Reports as pdf files.

The following maps have been released since 2014:

  • Alsace (6858) surface and basement geology maps
  • Cloncurry (7056) surface and basement geology maps
  • Marraba (6956) surface and basement geology maps
  • Mount Angelay (7055) surface and basement geology maps
  • Mount Merlin (6954) surface and basement geology maps
  • Quamby (6957) surface and basement geology maps
  • Selwyn (7054) surface and basement geology maps.

Compilation plots at scales of 1:100,000, and in a few cases 1:50,000, are available over the entire Mount Isa region.

The following surface and basement geology maps are scheduled for release post-February 2016:

  • Malbon (6955)
  • Bowthorn (6561)
  • Musselbrook (6560)
  • Lawn Hill (6660)
  • Myally (6859)

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