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Electricity licence fees

You must pay an application fee if you wish to conduct activities that require an electricity licence (i.e. generation authority, transmission authority, distribution authority or special approval).

This is a requirement under the Electricity Act 1994.

Once a licence has been issued, you must then pay an annual fee to the Department of Energy and Public Works.

List of electricity licence fees

Below is a consolidated list of fees and charges, provided as a guide only. For further details, refer to Schedule 7 of the Electricity Regulation 2006.

Application fees for electricity licences (current financial year)

Type of authority Application fee
Generation authority {{ pass_36786 }}
Distribution authority {{ pass_36788 }}
Transmission authority {{ pass_36787 }}
Special approval {{ pass_36789 }}
Amendment of authority/special approval NIL
Transfer of authority/special approval {{ pass_36790 }}

Annual fees for electricity licences (current financial year)

Type of authority Annual fee
Generation authority – up to 50MW {{ pass_36814 }}
Generation authority – 51MW-100MW {{ pass_36815 }}
Generation authority – 101MW-200MW {{ pass_36816 }}
Generation authority – 201MW-500MW {{ pass_36817 }}
Generation authority – 501MW-1000MW {{ pass_36818 }}
Generation authority – 1001MW-2000MW {{ pass_36819 }}
Generation authority – 2001MW-3000MW {{ pass_36820 }}
Generation authority – 3001MW plus {{ pass_36821 }}
Distribution authority {{ pass_36823 }}
Transmission authority {{ pass_36822 }}
Special approval {{ pass_36824 }}

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