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Why invest in Queensland tourism

Queensland is a premier tourism destination with world-renowned natural attractions. Perfectly positioned on Asia's doorstep Queensland is primed for continued growth, which makes this a great time to invest.

Queensland's modern economy offers investors safe, long-term investment opportunities supported by sophisticated infrastructure, low business costs and increasing tourism demand.

Queensland's key tourism advantages include:

  • world-class destinations - with 5 of Australia's 11 World Natural Heritage areas and many national parks and forests, Queensland is one of the world's most beautiful destinations
  • growing tourism demand - with an increase in direct flights and airline seat capacity from Europe, the United States and Asia. China is Queensland's fastest growing inbound tourism market in visitor numbers and expenditure
  • pro-business economic environment - low business costs, government support for business, highly skilled workforce, sophisticated and reliable infrastructure
  • strong tourism industry network - well-established national, state, regional and local tourism industry bodies and associations.

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