Tourism investor testimonials - video transcript

In this Tourism Investor Gateway video, hear about Queensland's growing tourism industry.

[Hon. Kate Jones, MP, Minister for Education, Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games*]

Queensland really is the premier tourism destination in Australia. Not only do we have great natural assets, but we have great friendly people.

[Terri Irwin, AM, Owner, Australia Zoo]

From the deserts to the rainforest, the beaches and the reef, there's nowhere else on planet Earth where you can have it all.

[Shane Bulloch, CEO, Anthony John Group]

Queensland's tourism industry has always been a core part of the economy here. I don't see that changing and we're continuing to invest strongly on the back of that. All levels of government are currently very proactive around supporting tourism.

[Bob East, CEO, Mantra Group]

We've got properties from Tropical North Queensland through to the Whitsundays and in South East Queensland and Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and obviously in Brisbane. The market mix in Queensland is very diverse; it is well known for the leisure component, but increasingly the corporate, the conference and incentive markets are becoming a very strong aspect. And Brisbane, as an emerging world city, is offering more and more for not only corporate, but major events, conferences and incentives.

[Barry Robinson, CEO, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific]

There's definitely opportunity for growth while growing yields and our hotels, so we're really excited about the future of the market in Queensland.

[Terri Irwin, AM]

We've seen great visitation from North America, US, Canada, also UK, Europe and our emerging market is definitely South East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong; all these areas are coming here and we're excited to see this emerging market getting stronger and stronger.

[Benny Wu, Chairman, Chang Yuang Group]

My cooperation with the Queensland Government started from purchasing a resource company and I was considerably impressed with the government's efficiency. With the government's assistance, we achieved our goals. Therefore we plan to invest our profits into where it comes from to seek better revenue, which is always part of our strategic plan.

[Terri Irwin, AM]

I love the fact that here in Queensland we are able to have industry and development alongside a great conservation and environment point of view; so while we're expanding we're also protecting.

[Shane Bulloch]

Queensland, as an investment destination and for our business, has traditionally been a market where you can really get on and do business easily. Less bureaucracy, good costs from a business point of view, and I think from where we sit now we are seeing a very positive framework for that to continue moving forward.

[Terri Irwin, AM]

Anywhere I go in the world, people know about Queensland. I'm so proud to be investing in Queensland, because it's part of my future and my kids' future.

[Hon. Kate Jones, MP]

Queensland is the number one destination for visitors both from interstate and overseas and we want to recognise the strengths that we have and, with the investment made by government, work together to grow the industry and to grow tourism jobs.

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* This department is now known as Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development.