Advantages of bringing an e-health business to Queensland

There are many advantages to bringing your e-health business to Queensland. The eHealth Investment Strategy outlines the Queensland Government's ongoing commitment to delivering innovative digital technologies for Queensland's health services.

e-health industry advantages

Queensland is home to 5.11 million people and is growing fast. Queensland's population is both ageing and decentralised, requiring Queensland's health system to adopt new technology and innovative health solutions to reach even the most rural and remote areas of the state.

Queensland Health's eHealth initiatives

Queensland Health's eHealth initiatives are connecting healthcare services across Queensland and leading the country in a number of areas including radiology, discharge summaries and telehealth.

The initiatives have seen benefits delivered in areas including anaesthetics, breast screening, endoscopy, patient discharge, mental health, oral health, radiology and patient referrals. The next stages will focus on the transition of paper medical records into an electronic format through the delivery of an integrated electronic Medical Record (ieMR).

Queensland Government support

Queensland Health's strong clinical support, ICT governance and investment in enterprise-wide systems mean Queensland is well placed to support the national health agenda.

Queensland embraces innovation early, providing a base for the development of a wide range of new ICT technologies and applications for the health care sectors. The Queensland Government has invested heavily in ICT and knowledge-intensive industries, and supports plans and services for long-term economic development. The significant growth in the Queensland Health budget demonstrates the continuing high priority that the Queensland Government places on health.

Australia also has uniform national intellectual property (IP) laws that respect and protect IP rights. IP legislation reflects international best practice and Australian-based firms benefit from the most comprehensive protection available.

Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN)

A vital aspect of Australia's healthcare reform is the nation's largest ever public infrastructure project, the NBN. The NBN will have a profound effect on the way Queenslanders live and work, and will enable and drive a significant and unprecedented shift towards a digital economy. The NBN is expected to transform service delivery across the health industry, including the clinical, education, training and research sectors.

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