Tourism customer service and experience

Customer service includes the service before, during and after a tour, stay or destination experience. If your staff provide good service, you can increase customer loyalty, customer spending and referrals. Our toolkits and guides will help you achieve these business goals.

Recruiting for customer service skills and experience

Good customer service is at the cornerstone of any tourism and hospitality business. Recruiting and retaining staff with exemplary customer service skills will ensure you can provide the level of customer service your business needs.

General customer service

Learn more about customer service including advice on after sales service, business quotes, managing customer complaints, improving service, and collecting and storing customer information.

Follow the 9 step customer service quality toolkit to improve your business's service quality.

Inclusiveness and accessibility

The Inclusive tourism guide highlights your legal obligations in relation to accessibility, gives you strategies for improvement and explains how your business can best take advantage of the inclusive tourism market.

Tourism Australia provides accessibility toolkits and market research reports to support tour operators and businesses make their products and services more accessible to all ages and abilities.

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