How to object to a liquor licence application

The public, businesses, police and council can have their say on liquor licence applications that may impact the local area and affect the lives of people living around the licensed premises. This includes new applications and applications to vary conditions.

Anyone in the local area, with a proper interest and who is—or is likely to be—affected if the application is granted, can object to a liquor licence application.

Comments and feedback help the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming make an informed decision about whether to grant the application.

Eligibility to object

To lodge an objection, you must:

  • be over 18
  • live near the venue or be directly affected by the licence being granted
  • have valid grounds for the objection.

Grounds for objection

Your grounds (or basis) for objection will only be valid under the Liquor Act 1992 if granting the licence may:

  • cause harm from alcohol abuse and misuse or alcohol-associated violence
  • negatively affect the health or safety of the public or the environment around the local premises
  • cause undue offence, annoy, disturb or inconvenience people who
    • live or work in the area
    • travel to or from a place of worship, hospital or school.

How to lodge an objection

You must lodge your objection:

A copy of your objection will be sent to the liquor licence applicant.

View applications currently advertised for public comment and the closing dates for objections.

Objecting by petition

You can submit your objection as an individual or by a group petition. A petition must include:

  • an identical heading on each page that is legible to signatories and clearly states the subject matter—use this petition template as a guide
  • information about each signatory's connection with the area (e.g. their home or work address)
  • the petition sponsor's name (i.e. the name of the contact person who will liaise between the Commissioner and the signatories) on each sheet.