Liquor and wine licence fees

Access a list of Queensland liquor and wine licence fees and charges. Fees are current at 1 July. The amounts change each year on this date.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) can’t accept credit card details by fax or email, including PDF attachments. This is a requirement of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. If we receive an email with credit card details, we will immediately delete it and your form won’t be processed.

Annual licence fees

To pay your annual liquor licence fees, log in to the OLGR client portal.

Your licence fees are due annually and in advance for each new financial year. We will post you an invoice in late June for payment by no later than 31 July. We’ll also email you a reminder to check the client portal for your annual fee information. You may want to note the due date in your calendar.

Pro-rata licence fees are generally payable when you first get your licence. You would have received a fee notice with your licence document explaining how much you owe. To avoid your licence being suspended or cancelled, pay the pro-rata licence fee as soon as possible and no later than the due date on your notice.

Your liquor licence (and gaming licence, if you have one) will be suspended if your fees are not paid on time. If your fees remain unpaid for 28 days after your licence is suspended (or 14 days for a wine licence), it will be cancelled. Further penalties may apply.

If you unsubscribe from OLGR emails, you may not receive your fee reminder. Contact us if you think you’ve unsubscribed by mistake.

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