Reasons for decisions about liquor and gaming licence applications

When a new liquor or gaming licence application is made but receives community responses in the form of comments, representations, submissions or objections, we must publish the reason for the Commissioner's decision on that application. Responses can also come from local government or the local member of parliament.

The available decisions will be listed below, including a summary of the reason for each decision and other basic information about the application.

These decisions will relate to both liquor licence and gaming machine licence applications. They will be published within 28 days of the date of the decision and remain online for 3 months.

Read the current decision information notices. At times, there may be no current decisions.

Liquor licence application decisions

Premises name

Premises location

Application type

Date published

Decision result

Hard Fizz Brewery 16 Hibiscus Haven
Variation of conditions 21 September 2022 Granted
Dakabin Hotel 289 Old Gympie Road
Gaming machine licence and commercial hotel licence with extended trading hours 29 August 2022 Granted with conditions
Honey B's 55 Caxton Street
24-hour adult entertainment 26 August 2022 Granted
Stonebridge Gardens 20 Rifle Range Road
Commercial other—subsidiary on premises (functions) licence 22 July 2022 Granted with conditions
Evra Newstead Tenancy E, F & G, Lucent Gasworks
18 Longland Street
Permanently extended trading hours 7 July 2022 Granted

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