Liquor and wine licence and permit applications

In most cases, you must have a liquor licence or permit to sell or supply liquor (alcohol) in Queensland.

A liquor licence states where and when you can serve alcohol. Different licences are available to suit different businesses or community organisations. Fees and legal obligations for liquor licences vary, depending on the type of business and licence.

If you are an existing liquor licensee, permits and licence variations are available if you want to change the conditions of your licence or extend your approved trading hours. Permits are also available for non-proprietary organisations that want to serve alcohol temporarily or at a one-off event.

If the operator of a business that has a liquor licence changes, the new operator must apply to transfer the licence.

In Queensland, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) regulates liquor licence and permit applications. New liquor licences may take 3 months to be approved. If you're starting a business and want to serve alcohol, remember to account for this time in your planning, as it may influence when you can open your business.

The Commissioner will provide the reason for a decision about a licence application that has received community comments.

This guide provides an overview of liquor licences and permits in Queensland, entities that are exempt from liquor licensing and the application process for new licensees.


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