Reporting requirements for commercial fishers

Queensland's commercial fishers and seafood exporters are required by law to report information based on their fishing activities.

If you are a commercial fisher or harvester you must contribute daily data about your catch, including the location fished, your fishing method and the time spent fishing. You are legally obliged to record this information in a daily logbook.

If you work in quota-based fisheries, you must also report your catch through Fisheries Queensland's automated interactive voice response (AIVR) system and paper logbooks, or via the Qld eFisher app (if operating in an eligible fishery). Catch disposal records must also be submitted for specific quota species upon disposal or sale of product.

When exporting fish to some overseas countries, you may need to complete catch certificates and have them validated by Fisheries Queensland.

This guide explains the reporting requirements for commercial fishers and seafood exporters. Use this information in conjunction with current fisheries legislation.