Certificates for exporting seafood

If you export fish and fisheries products, you may need to include documents that has been validated by Fisheries Queensland.

Catch certificates

The European Commission requires that any wild-caught fish and fishery products imported into a member country of the European Union must be accompanied by an appropriate catch certificate.

Catch certificates demonstrate that the fish and fisheries products have been obtained by complying with established conservation and management measures.

Read the handbook on the practical application of council regulation (EC) no. 1005/2008 for more information about illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

Shrimp exporters/importers declaration

If you export prawns to the United States of America, you need a shrimp exporters/importers declaration that has been validated by Fisheries Queensland.

Send documents for validation

To have your document validated:

  • send the completed document to Fisheries Queensland
  • pay the application fee of $183.86

You can send this by post or email:


Fisheries Queensland
GPO Box 2764
Brisbane Qld 4001

Email: fisherieslicensing@daf.qld.gov.au

More information

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