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Effects of net-free zones

Benefits of net-free zones

Similar approaches in other Australian states have been successful in improving recreational fishing and providing strong economic benefits. Studies in those states have shown an increase in the number and size of fish caught by recreational fishers once commercial nets are removed.

The following benefits are expected:

  • Increasing the economic value of our fisheries resources will help strengthen and support our regional economies.
  • Net-free zones will support the recreational and charter fishing sectors including related businesses such as tackle shops and caravan parks. Net-free zones will create certainty for all sectors and encourage investment. Tourism-based fishing businesses and recreational fishers will have defined areas to support renewed growth.

Effects of net-free zones on the availability of seafood

While commercial netting has stopped in the 3 net-free zones, the general community will still be able to buy seafood caught in other commercial fisheries and from commercial netting activities outside those three zones.

Only net fishing is prevented in the new net-free zones. Crabbing, line fishing and trawling is still allowed where it was permitted previously. This means there will be no impact on the supply of prawns, crabs, reef fish and many pelagic fish.


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