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How to reinstate fishing days

A fishing day will be recorded as 'used' if any of your vessels operating under the T1, T2 and M1 symbols:

  • is detected at a speed of less than 5 knots in the fishery area
  • moves more than 250m, or 1000m in deep water
  • cannot be detected via VMS, regardless of its geographical location
  • has VMS equipment that is not working properly, and is not manually reporting.

However, a fishing day will not be deducted if a vessel has an exemption in place.

Applying to have a fishing day reinstated

If a fishing day has been deducted and your vessel was not used for trawling activity, you can apply to have the day reinstated through the days-at-sea application process.

Days-at-sea applications

To have a fishing day reinstated, you need to make an application to reinstate fishing effort units (days at sea) to Fisheries Queensland, including:

  • your name and contact details (phone, fax, address, etc.)
  • details of the vessel
  • the day/s you want reinstated
  • the reason why a day should not have been deducted
  • independent evidence to support your application
    • mooring/slipping receipts
    • statutory declarations
    • maintenance receipts.

Note: providing this information does not guarantee the reinstatement of days. Each application is processed on a case-by-case basis.

Providing additional information

In some instances you may be asked to provide additional information to have a fishing day reinstated. Once you are notified of this, you will have 28 days to submit the information to Fisheries Queensland, or the fishing day will be recorded as used.

If you miss the deadline and a fishing day is deducted from the licensee’s quota, you can still submit additional information at a later date and the application will be reopened.

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