Using electronic logbooks (eLogs)

If you are a commercial fisher, you can now use electronic logbooks (eLogs) to:

  • submit catch and effort information
  • record logbook information for species of conservation interest (SOCI02)
  • submit quota information (prior notice, unload notice and catch disposal records) for quota fisheries.

In addition, the eLogs software can collect information that can help you to better understand your fishing activity and business. This may include operating costs (fuel, wages, etc.) and prices of products sold, as well as finer scale catch and effort information.

Logbook types that can be submitted online

You can now submit eLogs for the Queensland east coast trawl fishery logbook. Once accredited software is available, you’ll also be able to submit eLogs for the other fishery logbooks listed in the table below.

Logbook Logbook version Accredited software Quota
Queensland east coast trawl fishery logbook OT10 CatchLog Queensland (Version or a later version) No
East coast line fin fish fishery logbook LF06 Software not yet available Yes
Spanner crab fishery logbook SC06 Software not yet available Yes
Queensland beche-de-mer and trochus fisheries logbook BD04 Software not yet available Yes

We will add the capability of receiving new logbooks to meet industry’s expectations.

How to submit eLogs

You need to complete the following steps when submitting eLogs:

  1. Register with Fisheries Queensland to use eLogs.
  2. Buy, install and maintain accredited eLogs software.
  3. Record and submit eLogs data.

1. Register with Fisheries Queensland to use eLogs

You must register with Fisheries Queensland though FishNet Secure before you can use eLogs. FishNet Secure will provide a security token that you’ll need to add to the software once the software is installed on your computer. The token is unique to the commercial fisher in control of the fishing operation and to either the commercial fishing boat licence or the commercial harvest licence that is identified in FishNet.

When you submit information to Fisheries Queensland with this token, it is the same as signing the logbook submission.

Complete the following steps to get a secure token for eLogs:

  1. Log in to your secure FishNet account as the owner of the commercial fishing boat licence or commercial harvest fishery licence. If you do not have a FishNet account, you'll need to create an account on the Fishnet Secure register page.
  2. Once in FishNet, click on the eLogs tab
  3. Enter the licence number of the commercial fisher in charge of the fishing operation in the open field. Click on create token.

2. Buy, install and maintain accredited eLogs software

Your eLogs software must be accredited by Fisheries Queensland. It is your responsibility to maintain the software and to ensure it remains up to date. If our accreditation of the software expires, you have to replace or upgrade the software with accredited eLogs software or use an appropriate paper-based logbook. We’ll notify you of any changes to accreditation expiry dates. You’ll need to install the security token before you’ll be able to submit your information electronically. Note: If the fisher in charge of the fishing operation changes, you need to obtain a new security token from FishNet Secure.

3. Record and submit eLogs data

You have to record all catch and effort data in the electronic logbook daily. You also have to record details for the last day of the trip, before the boat docks at the end of each trip. We will only receive the logbook information when you submit your eLogs to the logbook section. The person in control of the vessel, and who entered the catch and effort data, must be the person registered against the security token. Once the electronic logbook has been submitted, it is taken that the commercial fisher registered against the security token has declared that the recorded information is a true and accurate description of the fishing activities during the period to which the information relates. An eLogs return is considered lodged when it has been successfully processed at Fisheries Queensland.

Directions for completing eLogs for approved fishing methods

Find detailed instructions on how to meet the requirement to keep and give eLogs for the Queensland east coast trawl fishery (OT10), including a list of SOCI and guides for species identification.

Approved software providers

eLogs software accredited by Fisheries Queensland is available from:

CatchLog Trading Pty Ltd
109 Tills Street, Westcourt

Phone: (07) 4033 1322
Fax: (07) 4033 1612


General enquiries 13 25 23