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Whitsunday aquaculture development area

Read the Whitsunday aquaculture development area (ADA) overview. This location is suitable for Queensland northern fish species and prawns.

Location snapshot


  • Abbot Bay/Good Fortune Bay Fisheries

Local government

  • Whitsunday

ADA size

  • 316ha on 1 land parcel

Water access

  • Potential creek access (Splitters, Plain Creeks) or beach access for intake/discharge, or combination

Examples of potential aquaculture species

  • Marine prawns (black tiger and banana prawns)
  • Barramundi
  • Marine finfish (e.g. tropical groper and cod, cobia, threadfin, snapper, mullet species)

Further information

  • Approximately 30km north of Bowen CBD (85km north of Whitsunday Coast airport).
  • Next to Bruce Highway (major highway) and North Coast railway line.
  • Located near existing approved barramundi farm.
  • Minor issues accessing water at Splitters Creek to the north‑east through matters of state environmental significance (includes Abbott Bay Resources Reserve, although this can be avoided to access seawater).
  • Seawater access possible in Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park general use and habitat protection zones (preference for minimal aquaculture structures in habitat protection zones).
  • Surrounding regulated vegetation seaward of site (category B—remnant vegetation).
  • Site located within coastal management district—any coastal hazard risks may need to be mitigated.
  • Site may be subject to periodic stormwater flows—any flood hazards may need to be reviewed and mitigated.

View a map of the Whitsunday ADA.


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