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Aquaculture has been Queensland's fastest growing primary industry for the last decade and it continues to show significant potential for expansion, particularly in regional areas.

Queensland aquaculture has a reputation for being clean, green and safe. The industry, in partnership with state and federal governments, maintains strict operational and environmental standards. This has led to high quality seafood and an advantage in domestic and international markets.

Queensland industry

The industry performance annual reports detail production volume, value and efficiency in aquaculture.

The marine prawn farming sector (black tiger and banana prawns) is the largest aquaculture sector in Queensland, accounting for more than 74% of aquaculture production value.

The barramundi sector comes in second at 21%.

Other species include:

Competitive advantages

  • Climates with ideal growing conditions for both temperate and tropical species.
  • Clean, unpolluted waters with reasonably shallow and sheltered coastal areas, suitable for a range of production systems.
  • Capacity for regional services in Australia (adequate power, water, transport and boat ramps).
  • Major towns along most of the coastline and highly developed transport infrastructure in major population centres.
  • Research programs in the fields of aquaculture, marine science, marine engineering and biotechnology.
  • Close to major seafood markets in the Asia-Pacific region, and access to other global markets.

Investment from government

The Queensland Government is investing $7.5 million over 5 years to boost aquaculture production by funding:

  • research and extension activities
  • industry development
  • improved regulation and technical guidance
  • an aquaculture incubator.

To encourage investment and development, we identified locations across Queensland that are suitable for:

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