Hinchinbrook (Macknade) aquaculture development area

Read the Hinchinbrook (Macknade) aquaculture development area (ADA) overview. This location is suitable for Queensland northern fish species and prawns.

Location snapshot


  • Macknade

Local government

  • Hinchinbrook

ADA size

  • 498ha on 11 land parcels

Water access

  • Potential creek/river access (parts of the Seymour River) or beach access for intake/discharge

Examples of potential aquaculture species

  • Marine prawns (black tiger and banana prawns)
  • Barramundi
  • Marine finfish (e.g. tropical groper and cod, cobia, threadfin, snapper, mullet species)

Further information

  • Approximately 14km north-east of Ingham CBD (100km north of Townsville airport).
  • Next to Bruce Highway (major highway) and North Coast railway line.
  • North section of site includes an existing operational aquaculture facility that provides opportunity for expansion.
  • New investment should take into consideration the existing aquaculture facility's current practices as part of any feasibility assessment and consult with the existing operator regarding intake/discharge.
  • Certain land parcels include pockets of regulated vegetation (e.g. category R-GBR riverine; essential (wildlife) habitat).
  • Site located within natural hazard areas including flooding and storm-tide inundation any hazard risks may need to be mitigated and corresponding impacts to adjacent properties avoided or minimised.
  • Sections of certain northern land parcels may be below highest astronomical tide (HAT) development for land-based marine aquaculture will need to be located above HAT.
  • The Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area and fish habitat area—management A area located to the north of the site. Intake/discharge infrastructure will need to avoid these areas.

View a map of the Hinchinbrook (Macknade) ADA.