Report bee hive check

To report bee hive check:

  1. take a photo
  2. save the sample
  3. report online.

If you are unable to take a photo, contact us on 13 25 23.

Take a photo

The best photo of suspected varroa mite includes:

  • the mite against a white background
  • clear view of the specimen, separated from other material
  • specimen laying right-side-up (legs down) or upside-down (legs up)—as long as the shape of the mite is clearly visible
  • something in the photos for size comparison (e.g. cotton bud, coil or pencil).

Placing the mite on the tip of a cotton bud is the preferred method.

photos of varroa mite specimens resting on the tip of a white cotton of varroa mite specimens resting on the tip of a white cotton bud.
Images: These images are a perfect example of good photos of varroa mite using a standard smart phone

Save the sample

You must save the sample of your suspect varroa mite.

Place any suspect mites into a sealable container or plastic zip-lock bag and keep them in the freezer.

A biosecurity officer will contact you after you report your suspect varroa mite.

Report your results

Use this form to report any checks you have made on your hives, even if you do not find any suspect mites.

We use this information to understand the number and health of beehives in Queensland. This helps us prepare in case varroa mite enters Queensland.

Report your results

For more information call us on 13 25 23 or send an email to