Prevent varroa mite

We are working with the beekeeping industry, state and federal governments and expert groups to:

Monitor your hives

Check your hives for varroa mite using the alcohol wash method, at least every 16 weeks.

Report to Biosecurity Queensland

Report your hive checks, even if you do not find any suspect mites.

Immediately phone Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 to report:

  • unexpected hive deaths
  • deformed bees
  • bees with parasites
  • poor brood patterns
  • dead brood.

Keep accurate records

Record all hive movements using the single use record movement form or your record-keeping book for more regular movements of bees and hives.

Maintain your biosecurity entity registration:

Follow the movement requirements

Follow the requirements for moving bees and equipment into Queensland.

The varroa mite biosecurity zone is in place.

Stay informed