Guidelines and movement orders for keeping bees.


Report bee hive check

Find out how to report suspected cases of varroa mite.

Moving bees and hives

Find out how to safely and effectively move bees and bee hives.

Hive registration and branding

Learn more about beekeeper registration and branding, hive identification numbers and cancelling registration.

Managing bee hives

How to manage and maintain bee colonies, queen bees and swarming bees.

Pests and diseases

Identify the pests and diseases that affect bees.

Varroa mite alert

Varroa destructor is a tiny parasite that attaches itself to honey bees and honey bee brood.

Beekeeping permits for state forests

How to apply for a permit for beekeeping in state native forests and plantation forests in Queensland.

Beekeeping (apiary) permits for national and conservation parks

How to apply for a permit for beekeeping in a national park in Queensland.