Fees for biosecurity entity registration and renewal

Who needs to pay registration and renewal fees

Registration and renewal fees apply if you meet the Australian Taxation Office ruling of carrying out the business of primary production (TR 97/11) as a result of owning the animals.

If you don't claim commercial primary producer status on your annual tax return, you must be registered as a biosecurity entity, but you don't need to pay the fee.

Keeping bees as well as livestock or birds

If you are a commercial primary producer of livestock or birds, and also keep beehives for commercial primary production, you must pay both the livestock fee and the beehive fee, but you only need to be registered as one biosecurity entity.

Paying the registration and renewal fees

You must pay the fee when you register and when you renew your registration every 3 years.

From mid-May 2019, you can pay your fee online by logging into your account on the biosecurity entity registration portal. If you don't yet have an online account, you first need to check if you're registered to gain access to the portal.

View the current fees. Fees are subject to increases in-line with the consumer price index (CPI).

Cancelling your registration

There's no fee payable to cancel your registration. However, if you cancel part way through your registration term the remaining portion of your fee cannot be refunded.

Learn more about cancelling your biosecurity entity registration.

How registration fees are used

The biosecurity entity registration system provides private benefits for commercial primary producers, including:

  • access to industry quality assurance programs
  • improved market access
  • lower biosecurity risk – registration enables us to better manage biosecurity risks.

Because the system also delivers public benefits and flow-on benefits to other industries, the Queensland Government subsidises 66% of the registration and renewal fees.

Biosecurity entity registration allows us to better:

  • prepare for biosecurity emergencies
  • respond to biosecurity risks
  • trace the origin and spread of a pest or disease.

This makes it easier to, for example, contact cattle producers if there's a biosecurity event that could affect their industry.

Read more about how biosecurity entity registration improves biosecurity in Queensland.

The registration and renewal fees help deliver these private and public benefits by contributing to the cost of:

The fees are calculated in accordance with the Queensland Government principles for fees and charges (PDF, 537KB).