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Chemical application licence search

Use this search tool to access the register of licences issued under the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control Act 1966 (ACDC Act). The ACDC Act requires this register to be available for public inspection.

Purpose of the search tool

The register:

  • includes details of licensed spray operators (individuals) and businesses undertaking agricultural spraying for aerial and/or ground distribution
  • allows anyone hiring commercial spray operators to verify if both individuals doing the spraying, and the commercial spraying business, are licensed.

If you want to hire a spray operator or promote your spraying services, we recommend using business websites or phone books.

How to search

Search for licensee details by using any of the following:

  • personal or business name
  • licence number
  • business trading name.

Name searches can include 1 or more words, including first and last names.

Licence number searches must include the full number including the letter prefixes (e.g. G, GDC, A, ADC).

Enter search terms: (minimum 3 characters)