About Grow Help Australia

Grow Help Australia diagnoses plant pests and diseases for commercial horticultural growers and consultants.

We help growers to manage pests and diseases, and improve their crop productivity and quality.

This service is provided by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).

What we do

Grow Help Australia is a service for commercial horticultural businesses where multiple plants are impacted, making the cost of the service economically viable.

We test for:

  • plant pests and pathogens
  • fungal pathogens in seeds only
  • certain pathogen groups (mainly Phytophthora) in growing media, soil and water
  • nematology
  • plant pathogens to support accreditation schemes and export requirements.

How to submit

Who can submit

We service these industries:

  • production nursery
  • fruit and nut industries
  • vegetable industries
  • cut flower industries
  • forestry industries
  • horticultural industries
  • council and wildlife parks where there is evidence of environmental dieback.

We do not accept submissions from home gardeners.

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