Broadacre crops

Queensland's broadacre industries produce a wide range of high-quality commodities, including grain, oil, fibre and sugar, contributing around $5 billion annually to the Queensland economy.

Field crops grown in Queensland include:

  • winter cereals (wheat and barley)
  • summer cereals (sorghum and maize)
  • winter pulses (chickpea and faba bean)
  • summer pulses (soybean and mungbean)
  • cotton
  • peanuts
  • sunflower
  • canola
  • specialty crops (triticale, navy beans, lentils, rice, field peas, hemp etc).

Nearly 95% of Australia's sugarcane is grown in Queensland and various forage crops, particularly sorghum, maize and oats are also common.

Best practice and research

Land management

Good land management is an essential part of a sustainable farming system.

Climate forecasting, careful subsoil moisture management and risk management are important features of broadacre cropping in Queensland. Apart from highly profitable crops such as cotton, most broadacre crops are not irrigated and rely on rainfall which is highly variable.

These tools can help:

Pests and weeds

Biosecurity requirements

Finance and business management

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