Tropical weed surveillance program

A surveillance program for tropical weeds has been authorised under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Biosecurity matter

The biosecurity program includes seeds, seedlings and all plant matter of the restricted tropical weed species:

  • Miconia calvescens
  • Miconia nervosa
  • Miconia racemosa
  • Mikania micrantha
  • Limnocharis flava.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the program is to allow authorised officers to enter places in Queensland to:

  • undertake surveillance to confirm the presence, extent and abundance of the 5 weed species
  • undertake compliance activities for the restricted biosecurity matter category requirements of the 5 weed species
  • monitor the effects of measures taken to control the 5 weed species.

The program applies to all of Queensland.

Commencement and duration

Invasive tropical weed surveillance under this program started on 1 July 2016 and will continue until Queensland is declared free of the 5 weed species. The declaration of freedom will be made by the chief executive of the department administering the Biosecurity Act 2014. The program's duration is considered to be necessary to achieve the purpose.

The National Tropical Weeds Eradication Program manages the surveillance.

Access to biosecurity program

View the biosecurity program for surveillance of tropical weeds at any Department of Agriculture and Fisheries office.

You can access a free copy by contacting us online, by phone or in person.