Locust surveillance program

A surveillance program for locusts has been authorised under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Biosecurity matter

The biosecurity matter to which the biosecurity program relates is Australian plague locust (Chortoicetes termininfera), migratory locust (Locusta migratoria) and spur-throated locust (Austracris guttulosa).

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the biosecurity program is to determine the presence of, extent of spread and density of ground moving hopper bands and flying swarms of Australian plague locust, migratory locust and spur-throated locust in the State of Queensland; and to monitor the effects of measures taken in response to Australian plague locust, migratory locust or spur-throated locust.

The biosecurity program applies to those types of places in Queensland described as within:

  • the operational area of the Australian Plague Locust Commission (represented on the map in the biosecurity program for surveillance of locusts as the area to the west of the red line)
  • or
  • the areas of the local governments that contribute to the plague pest contingency fund (namely Balonne Shire, Banana Shire, Burdekin Shire, Cairns Regional, Cassowary Coast Regional, Central Highlands Regional, Western Downs Regional, Goondiwindi Regional, Hinchinbrook Shire, Isaac Regional, North Burnett Regional, Rockhampton Regional, Maranoa Regional, South Burnett Regional, Southern Downs Regional, Tablelands Regional, Toowoomba Regional, Townsville City, and Whitsunday Regional)
  • or
  • other local government areas as shown on the map in the biosecurity program within the area where the locusts naturally persist (namely Charters Towers Regional, Carpentaria Shire, Mareeba Shire, Croydon Shire and Etheridge Shire).

Commencement and duration

The biosecurity program started on 1 July 2016 and will continue until 30 June 2027. The duration of the biosecurity program is considered to be necessary to achieve the purpose.

Access to biosecurity program

The biosecurity program for surveillance of locusts is available for inspection at all Department of Agriculture and Fisheries offices.

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