Animal disease surveillance programs

Learn more about animal disease surveillance programs in Queensland.


Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy

Learn about transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (including mad cow disease and scrapie) and Australia's TSEs surveillance and prevention programs.

National Significant Disease Investigation Program

Find out how your livestock and wildlife disease investigations can be subsidised by the National Significant Disease Investigation Program.

Cattle tick

Find out what your obligations are under the Queensland cattle tick surveillance program.

Invasive biosecurity matter

Learn about our program for invasive biosecurity matter and how we monitor biosecurity measures.


Determines the presence and extent of ground moving hopper bands and flying swarms of Australian plague locust, migratory locust and spur-throated locust.

Newcastle disease

This program applies if you keep 500 or more commercial broiler chickens and you have withdrawn from Newcastle disease vaccination.

Invasive fish

Learn about our program to determine the presence of noxious fish in Queensland.

Red imported fire ant

The red imported fire ants surveillance program aims to check for red imported fire ants and minimise the risk of their spread.

Electric ants

Learn how we check for electric ants and monitor compliance with legislative requirements.


The aim of this program is to monitor RBE registration and compliance, and NLIS movement and reporting activities.

White spot syndrome virus

Learn about our program to contain and control white spot disease.