Changing ownership of cattle or horse brands and earmarks

You have to transfer a brand or earmark when:

  • the company that owns the registered brand or earmark is dissolved
  • a part owner is added or removed
  • ownership of the brand changes.

Apply to transfer ownership

Before submitting your application form to transfer a brand or earmark, you must ensure:

  • all signatures have been witnessed by a justice of the peace, solicitor, barrister, legal practitioner or commissioner for declaration – they must also state their position(s) on the form
  • all current registered owners have signed the form
  • all new owners have signed the form
  • if an owner is deceased, the executor or administrator of their estate has signed the form, and stated their capacity as executor or administrator
  • if the owner is a company, the company secretary and director has signed, or 2 directors, or a sole director – they must also state their position(s) on the form
  • the correct fee is included with your transfer form.

You must also provide any necessary documents with your transfer form, if:

  • someone holds a power of attorney – forward a copy of the power of attorney document
  • a brand is being transferred to a trust – provide a copy of the trust papers.

Transferring a cattle or horse symbol brand separately

When a brand is transferred, a symbol brand that is registered with that brand will also be transferred unless the person requesting the transfer specifies differently.

If you want to transfer a symbol brand separately, you must indicate that on the transfer form.

Transferring a cattle earmark

Cattle earmarks can only be transferred in association with its registered brand. The earmark cannot be transferred out of the original earmark district it was registered in. It must be cancelled and reapplied for in the new district.

The earmark will only be registered to the applicant if it hasn't already been registered to another person in that district.

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