Branding and earmarking sheep and goats

It is not compulsory to brand or earmark sheep and goats in Queensland. You may only use a brand or earmark if you are the registered owner. Sheep and goat brands and earmarks are registered for use within a particular district and cannot be used in any other district.

Livestock owners are responsible for registering paint brands and earmarks, and obtaining the branding iron and earmarking pliers.

Owners must ensure that paint branding irons and pliers are made to the exact shape shown on the certificate of registration, and that only approved paints or pastes are used.

Brands and earmarks are registered to an individual or entity, not a property. When an animal is branded with a legally registered brand or earmarked with a legally registered earmark this can be used to show legal ownership.

This guide provides information about branding and earmarking sheep and goats, including how to register a brand or earmark in Queensland, submit annual returns and transfer ownership.