Updating your registration to use animals for scientific purposes

After you have registered as a user of animals for scientific purposes in Queensland, you must keep your registration details up to date with Biosecurity Queensland.

If your circumstances change it may affect your eligibility to be registered.

As a registered person, you must notify Biosecurity Queensland if:

  • a disqualifying event happens to you
  • or
  • there is a material change in your registration details you provided in the registration application.

Disqualifying event

A disqualifying event includes:

  • conviction for an animal welfare offence
  • cancellation or suspension of registration in Queensland
  • cancellation or suspension in another state or Commonwealth, of an equivalent to scientific use registration in Queensland—including
    • authority
    • instrument
    • licence permit
    • registration.

Material change

A material change in registration details may include changes to the:

  • animal ethics committee used by the registrant
  • legal status of the entity registered as a scientific user
  • registrant's contact information.

Contact Biosecurity Queensland

Email AnimalEthics@daf.qld.gov.au within 7 business days after the event or change occurring.

A maximum penalty of $7,740.00 applies.